Bali Day 2

 Woke up around 7.30am and went to the hotel lobby around 8.30am after getting ready. Had breakfast at the hotel and off we went to Mont Batur 🙂 
It took us around 2 hours to travel to Mont Batur but it was so fun! Spent quality time with Grace & Joyce 🙂  
  Had our lunch nearby the Mont Batur. It was a buffet-style lunch! Was quite yummy compared to the first day. After that we all walked further down the road and bought some stuff and went to take a group picture infront of the Mont Batur!

The weather was really nice. It was cooling as it was up in the mountains 🙂 

After that, we head on to a coffe plantation place where I’ve really bonded with a few of my classmates! Very very happy 🙂 


I-Yin 🙂 
The selfie that bonded Jonathan and I HAHAHA. One of my best buds now 🙂


Selfie with Elaine and Jonathan 🙂 

After the coffee plantation, we went to another local restaurant to have our dinner. It was really fancy and nice. Sadly I don’t have a picture for that 😦 

That aside, we went back to our hotels and it was free and easy then! Decided to go to a club w some of my classmates 🙂 my first clubbing experience HAHA. It was really fun!! 


Happy and Jonathan 🙂 


HAHA Yeepei took these 2 photos! She always takes nice pictures!!

 yeepei 🙂

Went back around 3am and woke up at 6.30am the next day as we had our performance at the local Uni T.T more about it on my next post! 

Stay tuned 🙂


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