Bali Day 3 

Woke up really early the next day around 6.30am I think. Had breakfast at the hotel and left around 8am to the local university. 

All of us were divided into 3 races of our choice – Malay, Indian and Chinese 🙂 we all performed our group’s tradiotional dance as a part of a cultural exchange with the local Balinese students 😀

From left, I-Yin, Michelle, Karyee, Joyce, Yeepei and Sanda 🙂

  Joyce and Elaine! ❤   
Joyce – forever bubbly and funny 😂

My group’s snippet of our traditional dance 🙂 I’ll never forget this moment. 


Iyin and John 🙂

INTI to Bali! 

After that, we all change out of our traditional clothes to our comfy clothes of our choice. Toured around the university which was super huge by the way! Was in awe at how beautiful the structure and architecture the Uni had. 

I forgotten where we had for lunch on the 3rd day 😦 but I rmb after lunch, we had 2 hours of free and easy nearby our hotel. Went on the hunt for Babi guling and then went back to the hotel as Grace wanted to shower. 

Hehe I love both of them 🙂 

After that, we are headed off to Tanah Lot!

In the bus with Grace, Iyin, Jeremy, Jonathan and Ashfaq!

At Tanah Lot with the bunch which I’ve come to adore and treasure very very much 🙂

Two of my faves literally. Jonathan and Jeremy 🙂

Jonathan and Cheng Hui behind 😂

Last group picture 😢

After that we travelled 2 hours back to our hotel for dinner.. Went to Jeremy and Jonathan’s room with the bunch. Listened to songs and chill which was nice ☺️

I love!!! 

Idk why this pic jumped to here but ya this is Jonathan hahaha   
Night ended not here though. We went to a club after that which sadly I did not he any pics 😦 but it was definitely a trip I’ll never forget. 

Till then!


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