January 2015

 This is quite a bad memory but nevertheless, it happened and I shouldn’t push it away. 

Anyway, Jeffery wanted to meet up with me only to talk about certain things which I never got the chance to know of. I was hanging out w Maryssa at first, not sure why. But I was supposed to meet Jeffery alone at night and this was after our argument I believe. 

Long story short, Tee ended up coming as well cause Maryssa’s mom asked her to meet someone else and I almost got to cancel with Jeffery. I was more than an hour late. I was really sorry. 

So, the 3 of us ended up meeting Jeffery at One City. I didn’t had the chance to hear what he had to say as I’m pretty sure whatever he wanted to say was private between him and I.   
After dinner he left. And all that’s left is Maryssa, Tee and I. Somehow we spontaneously wanted more adventure (me being ignorant to Jeffery’s feelings fml) so we ended up calling Dencan out for supper. 

Late night talks, I love. But I’ll never remember. 

Till then.


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