Birthday 2015

Hi everybody!! I’m about to share with you another one of my favorite memories of 2015 – which is my 19th birthday surprise. 

It was a day before my birthday, on a Sunday. 

Let me tell you, I’ve not expected this at all. Never in my life have I ever expected Niki to actually text my mom and plan this surprise for me. Niki was also the one who organized and coordinated everything – from inviting the people to planning my surprise.. And my mom for setting up the place, my parents for paying everyone’s meal.. I was just so so thankful. 

Since I didn’t expected anything at all, I just wore like really casual hobo clothes cause I thought it was just another simple dinner to celebrate my birthday w my family and grandma. 

But my older brother asked me to change to something decent. I felt like there was something off but he told me he wanted to take a family picture so I just changed lol. 

Dinner venue was at Inaho, One City – one of my all time fave Japanese restaurant. While walking to Inaho, I was already feeling anxious and abit overwhelmed. It’s like I knew there was something but I wasn’t quite sure what it is. I was confused and uncomfortable but I just went with it anyway. I remember I kept telling myself “nah, I don’t think there will be a surprise. Get over yourself Natalie” LOLLOL. 

As I walk in, I saw ALL of my friends sitting right in the middle of the restaurant. I bawled. I’ve no idea why I cried so much but I guess I was just overwhelmed with gratitude and I felt so loved at the same time. 

Even after today, I’ve always wondered what did I do to have such great friends like them. By then, I meant – Niki, Kawye, Jo Ann, Wei Yong, Junxi, Tee, Darryl, Alice and even Jmee was there!!! 

When it was time to open my gifts, my jaw literally dropped. All of them chip in and bought me a Polaroid camera, which I’ve always wanted in forever. Best part is that it is in the color yellow!! My favorite color T.T 

I was so touched at this point cause I knew Niki was the one who told them I wanted a Polaroid. You see, the thing about Niki is that she will always remember what you like and spoils you with it whenever she can. I’m so lucky to have her as my friend. 

She’s so considerate,thoughtful and kind.  I’m really blessed with the best. 

Aside from that, Jun Xi individually bought me another gift which is a universal clip lens!! He even wrote me a letter and bought balloons for me T.T Jun Xi really spoils me I can’t 😦 

I love all of them really really much. Thank you all really. 

T_T ❀ 

My fave boys. ❀

My girls ❀ excluding Niki cause she left early 😦

Jmee, my childhood friend :’)


I forgotten why I pulled this face. LOL 

Kawyeeee ❀

I wished I saved other pictures 😦 but this will forever be a memory kept dear to my heart ❀ 


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