Random Memories 2015

Last post of 2015. 

  Countdown for 2015 at Maryssa’s house. My favorite memory. 

Went to Main Place and hung out with Nurin and Alice 🙂 had dinner At Sushi Zanmai and then to McD.

First date with Wei Yong HAHA. I think it’s considered a date since he asked me out for a movie. I didn’t even know his other couple friend came along too. A double date? HAHA. Watched a movie and then went back to my house. First time inviting a guy back too. 

This was during Valentine’s day LOL. First time hanging out with kenneth too. Quite a number of people came over – Alyssa, Darryl, Junxi, Dencan, Nicholas Chung and Cheese too. It was quite awkward gathering lulz 

Skype session with Dencan for the first time after the flew over to the U.K to continue his studies. 

This was during compo 2 I believe. With Kok Yin 🙂 

Bumped into Puan Jasbeer at the nail salon.

Had Owl Espresso for the first time with Joyce and Elaine 🙂

Hung out with Kawye after a long time. Had lunch with Niki at upstairs cafe 🙂 

Filming for MPU project. Got really high and started doing stupid stuffs hahaha 

Yilynn took this. This was when she came over to my dad’s shop and we just hung out and talk for awhile. Cutie cousin came over so she took this pic while I was walking with my cousin, Chrissie.

Grandma’s 70th birthday 🙂

This was in December 2014 I believe. Had lunch with Darryl, Alyssa, Junxi and Dencan at Nando’s, Main Place. After that we went to One Utama for Nana’s Green Tea without Dencan. 

Michael’s open house 🙂

With the ONZ bunch. Skipped stats for this LOL. 

Shaklee 2015

IKEA with Nicole.

Went to an INTI event for the first time I think. Stact’s club Dream out Loud event.

Thai food.

Dad’s 47th birthday

Alyssa’s farewell 😦

Dencan’s Msia – UK

Alyssa’s Msia a U.S

NUSS prom 2015.

At michael’s open house hahaha

Valentine’s Day 2015 

With Raymond 🙂 lovely guy. 

Parents 30+ anniversary. 

Here’s to more thoughtful memories in 2016. 

Till then, 🙂 


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