Reunited with Nicole 

After a year on 25/01/16

Picked her up from the airport, surprised her and she cried so much omg 

I didn’t cry as much cause tee was there. I never liked crying infront of people but I did miss Nicole a lot T.T

We had breakfast at Murni then after that I dropped her back to her house. 

Met her up again at night for dinner at Chili Pan Mee!! 

I was really so happy to see her again 😦 

After dinner we went to Dal Komm for dessert hehehe.


Nicole picked me up from my college and we had lunch together at a mamak again LOL. 

When she picked me up she passed this small paper bag to me and inside it had this cute book which she personally made for me T___T    

I was so touched I almost cried T.T 

My best friend is the best I swear.     

Nicole picked me  up again from college (she loves to drive ok hahaha) and we had dim sum!   

After dim sum, we went to pick Maryssa up! Then off we went to Sunway for karaoke session hehe.    
After karaoke; Nicole, Tee, Maryssa and I went to SS15 for some chili pan mee.


After that, Nicole slept over at my place. Did her makeup HAHAHA 
So pretty!! 


This was after our little argument LOL. Had dinner w Niki at Burgerlab. 

After dinner, went back to Niki’s place and talked for a long time.    


Had lunch at Village Park. After that we went to Nicole’s house to watch Insurgent but it was raining so loud so we ended up not watching 😦 instead, we just chill and listened to some music. 




Nicole came over my place. Supposed to have dinner at Inaho but my mom cooked us extra dinner so we had dinner at home.

Wanted to watch insurgent again but still no luck. Listened to more songs LOL

After dinner, we went to One City to just chill and eat taufufa. 

Deep talks with breathtaking view.    

Went to Nicole’s house in the morning to send her off. Played Monopoly Deal with her and her siblings. 

And that was it. Two weeks pass by way too fast. I miss my best friend already 😦 really wished I could have spent time with her more.. 

Can’t wait to see her again! 


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