10pm thoughts 

I don’t understand this concept of intelligence where students are supposed to cramp a whole sem of chaps/subs into 1 final paper in a limited amount of time. That’s not to test intelligence. That’s to test obedience and tolerance. Why can’t we have a study environment in which we can pick whatever the hell we want to study? If I want to study bio, business, mass com and culinary, and that’s my interest, then let me be? Why force someone to study such fixed subjects which in return forces students to cramped and memorize a whole subject (we’re not even talking about 1 sub, we’re talking 4/5 subs at once). If students drop the sub, then wouldn’t it also be a win win situation for the university as they are able to collect more revenue as well anyway? So why force a unit or subject to someone who has no interest in? 

I genuinely do not understand this concept of “studying” at all. Cause in the end, my degree certificate won’t grant me a job; skills do. 


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