21-23rd May 2016 

Went on a 3D2N trip to Pahang with the college mates! 

Jeremy & Elaine drove 🙂

Left inti around 11am and reached Elaine’s aunt’s house around 12.30pm I think?

Cleaned the entire apartment until it was close to 2pm. Headed to the French village next 
Paid RM13 for the entrance fee. The place  wasn’t really a big deal. 

Elaine 🙂 

Iyin 🙂 

Iyin and happy! 

Headed to the Japnese Village next. Walked up the hill so much omg 

Had to had ice cream. Was so tired 

After that we went back to prepare steamboat for our dinner! 

Night swim after dinner too 🙂 fun fun hehe

The next day, we all prepared breakfast and after breakfast  we head off to cemang waterfall 🙂 

So beauriful. 

Haha jeremy. 

After the waterfall we head off to some famous lemang  place for lunch. It was so so good 


Drank a lot on the second night. Was very fun haha 

Jonathan and Jeremy 🙂 

On the third day we didn’t do much. Had breakfast and we left straight back to INTI. 
That is all, 🙂 


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