June 2016

So many things happened in the month of June till today! Was a little bit busy with life ever since the last post but I think I took enough breaks in between to re-gather my life. But let’s face it, we’ll never have a hold on to our lives for a long time, anyway.

3rd of June 2016

Played exploding kittens with my bro’s for the first time:) 

8th of June 2016

Went to pyramid after class with Alyssa if I’m not mistaken:) tried llao llao for the first time too! It was so so gooood

10th of June 2016

Wen to the gym w grace in the morning, went back home to shower and pop by Burgerlab to wish Natsumi a happy birthday – went to Mid Valley for some petsmore event and it was SO JAM. 

Hehe cute guy holding a spider. 

After Mid Valley, went back home to shower and have a quick dinner. Met up with Dencan & Alyssa later at Da Men. After that we went back to Dencan’s house to chill.

11th June 2016 

Celebrated Siew Yieng’s early 21st birthday at Kelana Jaya 🙂 

14th of June 2016 

Celebrated Elaine’s 21st birthday at colleseum @ Sunway 🙂 

17th of June 2016

Skyped with Niki & Maryssa

19th of June 2016

Celebrated  Father’s Day 🙂 

22nd of June 2016

Went to One City to have dinner & watched Independence Day I believe. 

24th of June 2016

Had late lunch at Naughty Nelly’s with Dencan, cheese, Niki & Michael 🙂

This was taken before lunch haha
25th of June 2016

Met up with Darryl & Jo Ann to discuss about our trip. 

26th of June 2016

Basically had dinner with my grandma. After dinner I went over to aly’s place to play Catan. Went back home to play board games & drink with my brother’s friends 🙂

29th of June 2016

Attended I-Yin’s workshop in the morning. Had ethics presentation afterwards. 2 hours break then I had to usher for some talk with my leadership groupmates. Stood for 3 hoirs. My legs were dead

That pretty much summed up my entire month of June. Looking back it was quite eventvul. No idea why I dreaded that month tho haha.

Stay tuned for July 😉


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