1st & 2nd of July 2016 

1st of July 2016

Initially the plan was to go to Sepang beach but he to cancel cause D didn’t wanted to go as he was afraid that it was muddy… 

So we ended up changing our venue to the Mine’s theme park. Drove all the way there & was caught in the jam for more than 1 hour only to find out that the theme park was closed 4 years back. So disappointed.

Jam all the way to IOI City Mall. Had Morganfields for dinner

2nd of July 2016

Headed off to Empire with Michael and Jo Ann to get Niki’s farewell and birthday present before she flies off to Melbourne 😦 bought two pandora charms for her! Hehe

After that we went back, showered. I picked up Niki & Dencan with Jo Ann and went to bibiwok for Niki’s surprise dinner hehe.

After dinner we head to TDH @ Oasis to drink. Dropped Niki off back to her place after and my heart was shattered </3 one of my very best friends is leaving sigh. 

Niki’s snapchat 


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