9th of July

After the drinking day, woke up at 4am and I couldn’t sleep back. Had a nap at 9am till 9.30am. Showered and got ready for a day trip to Melaka w my family! 

Went for dimsum for breakfast before going to Melaka for chicken rice balls.

Doesn’t the chicken look sad.. Lunch was pretty sad. LOL. 

After lunch we head on to jonker street. It was too hot to walk around so we ended up at Hard Rock Cafe to chill. Wanted to try shots but we didn’t know it was mixed with red bull so our shots ended up tasting like cough medicine… It was so bad that I ended up drinking most of my younger bro’s berry smoothie LOL.

After that, we head one of the shops that’s famous for durian cendol and assam laksa. 

Wanted to go to Pak Putra but all of us were too full. However after leaving Melaka at 6pm and reaching subang at 8.30pm, my parents wanted to have dinner at USJ16. I was like food coma already. Ended up eating abit with lots of veggies haha 

Tried this homemade turmeric mask… It’s normal so far. Doing it for the second time again tonight hopefully I’ll be able to see reduction in my acne & acne scars soon:( 


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