3-5th August 2016

3rd August 2016

Had breakfast with my mum, Beth and my older brother at 9am. Reached INTI around 9.30am and gathered at LT2, Metro! The bus arrived at 10.30am, reached FELDA Residence at 12.30pm I believe.. 

Had ice breaking session after lunch. Did 3 games and my group (which consisted of Andrew, Elynna, Eleena, Hui Ping, Lik Wei & Carmen) got punished once T.T had to pass balls from our mouth to another. I couldn’t do it as I kept laughing LOL.

After dinner we had night activities where we had go to stations to another  stations while finding clues & treasure hunts. It was quite fun! 

Happy& Richard 🙂 

After the night activity, we went to Sarves room to chill and drink. Then I went to Miranda’s room to hang out w my batch then proceeded to Li Foong’s room while waiting for my roommate to be back. 

4th August 2016

Slept around 3am and woke up at 7.45am the next day. 

Did flying fox, low rope activities and obstacle course. It was really really fun but tiring! 

Sent this pic to my mom telling her I’m so tired LOL. 

Beth! My bro’s girlfriend 🙂 

Taken w daniel’s phone. Before flying fox! 

Ellynna! One of my roommates 🙂 she’s in her 2nd sem!! 

After the obstacle activity, we all went back to shower. After dinner we went to Li Foong’s room to drink and it was the best night ever, lbr. 

Slept at 4.30am and woke up at 7.45am.. Was dead tired. Had breakfast then packed our stuff, left the hotel room at 10am and met up w the rest at 10am at the hall! 

Took a few pics before we depart back at INTI! It was actually my first camp experience and I would honestly do this all over again. 


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