Penang 2016 (2/3)

Woke up at 8am, had breakfast at some local kopitiam store.

After breakfast we head on to escape park! My first and last experience for sure. 

After escape park which was around 3.30pm, we wanted to have cendol and lunch! Found this local gem (which I forgotten the name of the shop sorry) and everything bout the food was really yummy!!

From your left, Curry Mee-Or Chian (fried oyster egg) & Assam Laksa:)

After that we went back to the hotel to shower and rest till 7pm. Initially we wanted to head straight to Penang Hill but we got distracted by this gorgeous view on the way there so we stopped by. The place is called Cornwallis:) 

Kah Chun went down just to take this pic for us. Was so worried and we all kept asking him to come back up but he still insisted on taking this pic for us omg

After that, we went straight to Penang Hill! We reached there around 9pm. Stayed there till 10.30pm

We went to have dinner at some local mamak place around 11pm. Had roti telur.. It was damn good. Head back to the hotel and chit chatted till 1am.


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