Pulau Redang 2016

Went to Pulau Redang on the 18-21st of August 2016 w my family and my mom’s side of the family!

18th August 2016

Arrived at the old subang airport around 5.45am as our flight is at 7.15am. 

Had breakfast at some local kopitiam. Sat next to my lil cousin, Chrissie, on the plane:) 

Cheeky girl! Haha

Arrived at Terrenganu around 9am. Took a ferry straight to our resort which is called the Laguna Redang Island Resort. Feels a tad bit nostalgic as it was my second time there! 
My first meal at the resort! Doesn’t look very appetizing but it was so good, I swear. 

View from my resort. Badly taken, I apologize. 

After taking a nap, we decided to go to the beach around 3pm in the afternoon… 

Look at how beautiful the beach is! 

After playing with the kids and soaking into the water for abit, we head back to shower and got ready for dinner! 

We were too early and dinner only starts at 7pm so we took more pictures around the resort 🙂 

After dinner, we went back to sleep.. Nightmare started around 5 in the morning. At first I thought I was hungry as when I woke up my stomach felt abit weird. Then I walked to the toilet and when I leaned down I started vomitting!! 

19th August 2016 

Worst experience ever. The vomitting doesn’t stop until the next day. Went to the clinic, had some meds and basically laid in bed for the whole second day, liteeally. 

20th August 2016 

Luckily I started to feel a tad bit better on the third day! Went snorkeling w the fam bam hehe. 

Went for lunch, ate really little. Slept till  evening and dressed up for dinner! Since it was the last night I thought why not? 🙂 

Before dinner, I’ve decided to head off to the beach w my mum. Saw people releasing baby turtles. Proceeded to take more pictures hahaha 

My support system, my life. ❤ 

My lil cutie, Rae-Lynn 🙂 

21st August 2016 

Reached the airport around 12pm. Had lunch at secret recipe. 

Sat next to this cutie on the way vack. Loved every moment of it 

That’s the end of this Redang trip 🙂 


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