DCODE 2016

Went to an event called DCODE with Michael & Jo Ann:) Michael picked Ann and I up from my place around 2pm. Reached the event around 2.45pm! the event starts at 3pm so we were pretty early šŸ™‚ 

Got a free float and shades! 

Purchased this bottle for rm15. If want to refill, have to pay rm10… Not that worth it but the bottle is pretty cool. Thanks Michael!! 
We left the event around 8pm. Reached subang at 8.30pm. Had dinner at naughty nelly’s… Michael paid for our dinner too T.T

We had like lots of bailey’s and I honestly didn’t know it was so expensive!! It was priced at rm22+ for a shot of bailey’s! So freaking expensive I felt so guilty for ordering so much. šŸ˜¦ 


After dinner, Jo Ann and I had supper with Kah Chun, Kah Yoke & Zhi Han. Had lots of laughters and good chats. 

Overall, it was a pretty darn amazing day. I’m so thankful for everything. 


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