Port Dickson 2016

Went to PD with my MPU Groupmates on the 9-10th September 2016:) 

Reached PD around 5.30pm as we left INTI at 3.30pm. Was in the car w Yong Chian and Lawrence:) 

Left our bags at the homestay and went to the beach nearby straight away! 

The beach was surprisingly super clean.. We thought it’d be dirty and perfect for our assignment LOL. 

Hung around till 6.15pm. Left to another beach nearby hoping it’d be dirty.. 

And it was quite dirty! But still pretty:) 

Hung around till 7.15pm. Headed to dinner at a local restaurant nearby! Yummy yummy 

Went back to the house after dinner. Drank a 2 cups of beer, head back to the room w Michelle and Yilynn; and talked till 3am with the girls. Couldn’t sleep well though ;( had only approximately 2 hours of sleep. 

Anyhow, woke up at 8am the next day. Everybody got ready by 9.30am and went to for breakfast! Had Maggi goreng:)

After breakfast, we went to the dirty beach to clean it. 

After! Hehe. 

Weesung:) very funny guy hahah

The girls<3

// had coconut shake and left back to subang around 3.30pm. Overall, the trip was okay. 

“Natalie why you want to take from that angle. That’s my fat angle” HAHAHA QT 

Till then 🙂 


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