5th October 2016 

I’m so so blessed and thankful for whatever that happened on my birthday. Honestly I didn’t expect much cause I had 2 midterms on that day. Was so stressed over it but…. I was flooded with birthday messages…. 

Just a few birthday wishes that I’ve screenshotted.. 

after my exams around 4.45pm, I went back home and got ready for dinner… mum told me we were going to some Korean restaurant but little did we know… we went to burgerlab LOL.

Saw most of my friends there… T.T what was most surprising was that Qi Wei planned this for me… I can’t and still can’t believe it.  

The prettiest cake ever!! 

Qi Wei, the one who really organized everything w my brother T.T 

Pei Qi ❤ 

Darryl is obviously not a good photographer HAHA. 

My nights of fright bunch ❤ 

From left – Darryl, Ann, JIA Jun:)

Elaine ❤ 

My high school friends ❤ 

Natsumiiii ❤ 

Darryl 🙂 



My G’s ❤

Mommy dear<3


Michelle ❤


Onz Group:)



My family ❤ 

Jeremy!! 🙂

Can’t believe I’m 20 already..
So awkward hahha

Overall, it was a good night. 

Kinda wish you were here though. 


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