Happy and Michelle slept over at my place on the 29th October, after Jo’s birthday surprise. We 3 slept at around 3-5am omg. Had to wake up at 6am cause our flight is at 9.15am.

YiLynn came over my place at 7am and the GrabTaxi was already at my place! We hurried to the airport. Reached around 8am. Checked-in our luggage and had our breakfast at Paparich 🙂 

The sky’s so pretty!! 


Reached Langkawi at 11.30am. Rented a car and we went to find food for lunch! I was so angry cause I was so hungry and we couldn’t find anything nice to eat (as Yilynn wants aircond and langkawi is sucha kampung place sigh) and I was overall in a bad mood cause I was driving and we didn’t know where to go. 

We settled at some Malay restaurant. The food was great. 

Checked in to our hotel after that – The Villa at 3.30pm. We all rested, showered and changed to go to the aquarium! 


Left the aquarium at around 6.30pm. Head to the Duty Free nearby! Bought some chocolates and wine back 🙂 

After shopping, we head off to The Pizza Factory for dinner!

EVERYTHING WAS SO SO YUMMY I highly recommend this place to all pizza lovers! 


After dinner, we went back home. Michelle and I decided to do Yilynn’s and Happy’s makeup to kill time HAHA 

/dies. I can’t get over it HAHAHA. 

Yilynn did my makeup, vice versa. 

Happy did Michelle’s makeup, vice versa. 

After that we wash up, drank some wine and had some heart to heart talk as always. Slept at around 2AM.


Extra pics from the first day


Was supposed to go island hopping the next day but it was raining so heavily till 12pm so we pushed back till 2.30pm

Done with island hopping around 6pm. Went back home and shower, straight went to the pasar malam for dinner. 

After dinner, we went for second round at the Yellow Beach Cafe. Took so many pictures as it’s our last night. 


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